Dr. Renata Adames DDS
Newport Smiles - Dentist

3333 West Coast Highway
Suite 303
Newport Beach, CA 92663

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  Newport Smiles Dental Spa

My name is Jenell and I have had the wonderful opportunity of having Renata Adames, D.D.S. as my dentist for the past 10 years on the Central Coast.  During that time I found her knowledge, gentleness and artistry while providing for my dental needs to be of the highest quality and standards.  She has repaired my fractured front tooth so beautifully you can't even tell there is a filling there.  Then she has replaced my old broken down silver fillings thru the years, as needed, with white composites that match my teeth.  You can't even tell I have had cavities!  Through-out those different procedures her skillful hands and techniques made my visits pain free.

The best cosmetic addition though to my smile was having Dr. Adames do my Invisalign treatment, along with whitening to make me feel and look younger.  Excellent results.  The treatment even relieved the pain in my TMJ I had been having for years, before I came to Dr. Adames, where night guards had only been "bandaids" for me.  Not a solution.

I have referred family and friends to her thru the years and have continued my dental care with her at her new office Newport Smiles Dental Spa.  Because I have been in the Dental Profession myself for 35 years, I know quality and excellence when I see it and know when a dentist genuinely cares for their patients.  I have the utmost regard for her professionalism and artistry.  I highly recommend Dr. Renata Adames for her standard of excellence.

Jenell Howell